The Fools Journey

The Fools Journey – exploring The Tarot

Sunday October 15th 1.00 – 5.00pm

with Caroline Vieira (Bhogini)

In this relaxed afternoon workshop we will meet the Tarot’s Major Arcana whose images visually encapsulate the 22 archetypes, the significant people and events, that we will all encounter throughout our lives . 

Explaining how the archetypes can help us understand elements of our psyche,  you will be choosing cards that you feel personally drawn to and exploring them further.  Bhogini will guide this process of reflecting on thoughts, feelings and embodied responses to help you discover what meaning each card holds for you and what it can teach you about yourself and the world.  

Participants will also be introduced to a traditional spread for a personal reading and how deeper insights may be gleaned.  As the saying goes, “Let’s see what’s in the cards.” 

Caroline Vieira (Bhogini) is a psychotherapeutic counsellor based in the Forest of Dean whose journey with the Tarot began in 1965.  She brings her wealth of professional and life experience to deepening self understanding and throughout her life has used the cards for personal insight and guidance as well as offering readings to others.

This will be a small group session with limited spaces. To find out more email ALI


Oct 15 2023


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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